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    SubjectRe: TO HELL WITH IT THEN......(re: disk-destroyer.c)
    In <> ( wrote:
    > On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Stephen Frost wrote:

    >> As root you can do alot worse things that hurt users. When the
    >> kernel does *exactly* as root requests I have a hard time seeing it as being
    >> flawed.
    > It's flawed if sanity checks aren't in place to prevent it from doing
    > obviously and detectably incorrect things.

    Sorry, guys. It's Microsoft's philosophy: "user is stupid and OS should not
    allow him(her) to hurt himself(herself)". You want it you know where to find
    it. Unix's phylosophy is quite different. One part of unix's phylosophy is
    simple part "Unix is mere operation system and root is god". Now we are
    splitting root rights, so it's more like "Unix is mere operation system and
    user with full capabilities set is god". So the only thing that CAN BE
    discussed is "what capability I need to have to fry the disk". Perhaps
    CAP_SYS_ADMIN was wrong choice and CAP_SYS_RAW should be used instead
    (or we need both?). Anything else is paradigma shift and NOT belond to
    quick fix (even if we need such paradigm shift which I doubt).

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