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SubjectRe: Mistake found in re-configuring kernel
Hi Karen,

Thanks for your detail advice. I have certain points expected to clarify;

> insert the boot disk in /dev/fd0
> make bzdisk /* To test system first. */
> /* This is really not necessary, but
wise */

Boot direct from CDRom therefore no boot disk created.

> cd /usr/src/linux-2.x.x
> cp -pf /boot/

Could not find under linux-2.2.14-50. Is it in another location.

> You may find it necessary to recompile your kernels. You should
> always preserve your .config files. You can load them into
> menuconfig as a starting point. You may also just use 'make clean'
> which will preserve your .config file as well.

Is there an easy way to make "ntfs" work without going through the whole
procedure, config, recompile, etc.

How to check which option has already been selected in Y/<*> or <M> without
going through "make menuconfig"

Could you please shed me some light. Thanks in advance.


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