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    SubjectRe: IBM Netvista problem / help
    :> Uh, when did that timeout go into effect?  I think the stock 
    :> RedHat bootdisk is based on 2.2.12 but I'll have to check.
    : It's in 2.2.14 and not in 2.2.7. I'll let you look in between.

    It looks like the latest kernel rpm they have is 2.2.14 and there's a bootdisk
    around the same date - hopefully it's also 2.2.14 so I'll give that a try
    tomorrow when I head back in. If not then I'll have to figure out how to make
    my own bootdisk with the latest 2.2 (or even 2.4) kernel and see if that will

    : USB floppy won't work until you have a kernel with USB
    : support ($%!#@&*)...unless the BIOS supports USB floppies,
    : but that probably won't help you either.

    The BIOS is really wimpy so it's pretty hard to tell what it does. It would
    be nice to have some kind of floppy so I could dd multiple kernels to floppies
    and see which ones might work.

    I'm going to have to crack this thing open tomorrow and see if it hopefully
    has a floppy connector on the motherboard.

    Matthew Harrell Behind every great computer sits
    Bit Twiddlers, Inc. a skinny little geek.

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