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SubjectLinux GPL violations.
I've read through months of archives, trying to find a
good place to report this, but have not been able to
find anything.

Where is a good place to report GPL violations
concerning the Linux Kernel?

I recently got a virign webplayer
( It runs Linux as
it's operating system. There's no mention of Linux or
the GPL in the license that is included in the manual.
In fact the license in the manual concerning the
"Software" is rather restrictive. And there's no
mention of how to obtain the source for the kernel.

The people who sell the machine to virgin, is Merinta
( You can verify that the
machines virgin use are running linux
Merinta, from what I understand from posts by
(presumedly) employees of Boundless (their mother
corporation) have many GPL violations according to:

I like the idea of all these new Internet devices
coming out, running Linux. But it worries me that
they'll all ignore the GPL as they go. Making it more
difficult for fututre improvements in the kernel code.

I'm not on the Linux kernel mailing list. So please CC
me directly at

Joseph Elwell.

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