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    SubjectF*ck*ng japanese garbage postings and possible HACK.
    This is not the first time Japanese Kanji (or whatever the hell
    it is) have made it to the mailing list. I would have partially
    quoted the message I am refering to, however when I TRIED to
    quote it, PINE segfaulted saying "impossible or illegal character
    in From line".

    Since there is no way for vger to filter this japanese SPAM, does
    anyone have a procmail rule which could do it? Or would
    filtering out all postings from .jp do it? Are there any
    japanese folk on the list with .jp addresses that make active
    contributions? Just wondering because I want to permanently
    filter this garbage which appears about once a week, but I don't
    want to filter out legitimate postings from decent japanese folk.

    I did a search of the list, and the only legit poster I could
    find was "Akira YOSHIYAMA". So I know there is at least one
    person here with a .jp address that is legit.

    Any idea how to get procmail to grab these garbage postings, and
    ONLY the garbage ones? I'm thinking a recipe looking for
    addresses ending in .jp, and a subject containing any "$" chars
    should do it. I wondered if anyone else has done similar or not

    Also, I've read about bugs in PINE and/or metamail in the past
    that someone could hack your system via email headers with the
    right junk thrown in. Is it possible that this last message that
    was received did something like that? Could someone more in the
    know about this comment on it?

    Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions, comments, and
    hell - feel free to flame me as well if you like. I'd rather
    read peoples flames every day than have japanese encoded mail
    crash my mailer.


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