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SubjectRe: SIG: sigpending lied
Andrew Park wrote:
> Under which circumstances
> SIG: sigpending lied
> gets produced? When I applied Virtual Server patch against 2.2.16,
> I got the above message. I backed out the patch, but I'd like to know
> what's going on.

I saw this once on a little 486 gateway we had when we added knfsd. We
upgraded kernels regularly and upgraded knfsd stuff, but it persisted
across several updates. I can't even remember if the problem eventually
went away or not, because 1) we stoped worrying about it; and 2) that
486 has been retired for a few months now, so I can't go check to see if
the problem's still there. It was running 2.2.15-pre10, IIRC, when it
finally was decomissioned.

Back when I cared about the problem I searched the newsgroups and this
list's archives, and found essentially no info on why it happens. I
suspect it's some deep kernel bug that's hit in very odd and differing
circumstances, but since it apparently causes no noticeable problems
(not for us, at any rate) no one's gotten interested enough to go chase
the problem.
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