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    SubjectRe: CD_Rom problems (fwd)
    Quoting Jens Axboe <>:
    > On Wed, Jul 12 2000, Dave wrote:
    > > I sent this to the wrong place.... What can I do to help remedy this
    > > problem...<cd-driver>
    > >
    > > The ide_cdrom module seems to have something wrong with it in 2.2.16. It
    > > is incorrectly reporting tha my cd_changer is not a changer and therefore
    > > I cannot change the active slot.
    > Can you send me the lines from the device detection and when ide-cd
    > is loaded? It seems that support for _some_ changers are broken,
    > while others do work.

    I pulled my changer out of the basement (NEC 251C - 4x4) and
    plugged it in. With 2.2.17prex, the cdchange.c code works just
    as well as it did when I wrote it. If the drive is not reporting
    that it is a changer, then I wonder very much what the CAPABILITIES_PAGE
    has to say for itself. What do you see in the syslog with the following
    (completely untested) patch:


    Erik B. Andersen Web:
    --This message was written using 73% post-consumer electrons--

    --- ide-cd.c.bak Wed Jul 12 14:44:27 2000
    +++ ide-cd.c Wed Jul 12 15:00:26 2000
    @@ -2256,6 +2256,14 @@

    if (ide_cdrom_get_capabilities(drive, &cap))
    return 0;
    + {
    + int i;
    + char* output=(char*)&cap;
    + printk ("The capabilities page is: \n \"");
    + for (i=0; i<sizeof (struct atapi_capabilities_page); i++)
    + printk ("%02x ", output[i]);
    + printk ("\"\n");
    + }

    if (cap.lock == 0)
    CDROM_CONFIG_FLAGS (drive)->no_doorlock = 1;
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