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    SubjectRe: Gigabit NIC question.
    >>>>> "Richard" == Richard Gooch <> writes:

    Richard> Indeed. A procmail recipe even avoids you having to see the
    Richard> crap in the first place. I can see why some people use the
    Richard> base64 abortion, though: if they inline a patch it gets
    Richard> filled with "=3D" gunk, because they're using some or other
    Richard> character set encoding :-(

    Happens just as often from people with iso8859-1 setups due to broken
    / misconfigured mail clients.

    >> Kim, if you want Gigabit Ethernet I'd strongly recommend you
    >> consider porting whatever it is you have that requires 2.0.x onto
    >> 2.2.x or later.

    Richard> It might not be a 2.0.36 driver that is needed. It may be the
    Richard> 2.0.36 reliability!

    2.0.36 reliawhat?? If you are looking for GigE performance you are
    likely to want SMP and SMP in 2.0.36 is absolutely not realiable.


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