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    SubjectRe: linux-2.4.0 breaks grub install into partition
    On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

    >Writing through /dev/hda1 instead of /dev/hda when you want to write to
    >the bootsector of the first partition will fix your problems in 2.2.x and
    >2.4.x with ext2 (and I guess that's what lilo does just now). It shouldn't
    >be too hard for you to change this.
    >But NOTE that the above enterely depends on the filesystem internals and
    >that's true only on top of ext2 (with other fs that could not be true).
    >Also if you require the /dev/hda1 to be a 1k blocksize ext2, then you
    >should be allowed to write through /dev/hda as you're doing now (so in
    >such case you wouldn't need any change).

    BTW, for the above you don't need any BLKFLSBUF or sync before writing.
    Probably a sync after grub is good idea though (so the user will know he
    can reboot -f ;).


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