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SubjectRe: 2.2.17pre10 pauses fixed by Andrea's VM-global-patch-1
> My experience is totally opposite. I'm running a production
> mail server with sendmail and cyrus and have tested about every
> kernel from 2.2 tree but they all pause for tens of seconds,
> when load is higher more often making sometimes machine unusable.

> The 2.2.17pre9 + Andrea's VM-global-patch-1 makes no difference
> for this setup.

After trying every kernel in 2.2 family and 2.4.0-test2-ac2 which all
show the same symptoms (pausing, running processes work, but can not
start new ones) I finally gave myself in and downgraded the server
to 2.0.39pre5 which works flawlessly.

I don't know what exactly my setup does to VM (running sendmail, cyrus
pop3d and imapd with ldap) but it looks like that the same problem
continues also
in 2.4.0. If somebody wants more info please contact me. I can also
with testing fixes but kernel hacking is beyond me.



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