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SubjectRe: CD Burning still busted 2.4.0-test3 - SCSI timeouts
"Michael H. Warfield" wrote:
> Ok gang...
> This has been busted for most of 2.3.x and I've complained about
> it a couple of time in the past, each time digging deeper into the problem.
> Note... This works fine on 2.2.16 and now I'm having to drop back to
> 2.2.16 every time I want to burn CD's. This sucks.
> The problem is that the system goes in the weeds (read that as slow
> as all hell and jerky) while burning the CD and the the fixation always
> seems to abort with a SCSI timeout after about 30 seconds, even though
> cdrecord sets the SCSI timeout on the fixation command to several minutes.

> The other problem (the system performance and jerky response)
> seems to be some sort of problem in the queue with the generic access
> used by the CD burner. Now this, I'll admit, is pure conjecture on
> my part, but it seems like the generic SCSI action is holding up all
> the other commands in the queue, including commands for other drives
> which might otherwise be processed. So, during the burning process,
> everytime we are waiting on a burner command to complete, my system
> can't get at swap or other disk access, so it acts slow and jerky.
> It's also flat out DEAD during the 30 second timeout before the
> fixation fails.

> This thing is broken. What can I do to help FIX IT???

Your description makes it sound like the device has disconnection disabled in
the SCSI BIOS (the CTRL-A message at boot up BIOS area). If that's the case,
enabling disconnection on the CD-RW device should solve your problem. If
that's not the case, then I suspect the mid layer SCSI code since the aic7xxx
driver in 2.4.0-test3 (5.2.1, which is nothing more than a forward port of
5.1.31 from the 2.2.x kernel series) should be the same as the aic7xxx driver
in 2.2.17pre (5.1.31).


Doug Ledford <>
Please check my web site for aic7xxx updates/answers before
e-mailing me about problems

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