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    SubjectRe: 2.3.4[89] fail to probe/id IDE properly (long)
    In article <> you wrote:

    >> Please don't. You don't don't want me to have to add PCI support (which
    >> is only something like 100 kB compressed) to my kernels just to use my EISA
    >> Ethernet card, do you?
    >> mailing list do get here. ;-)

    > Very fair concern, but there needs to be "PCI" config blocks for builds
    > that are non-pci builds.


    My idea (and I think someone else said that as well) would be
    to either provide enough stubs in the PCI code to not have to worry about
    CONFIG_PCI, or to keep the existing (2.2) situation, with additional
    dependencies for drivers that are PCI only, like

    dep_tristate ' PCI NE2000 support' CONFIG_NE2K_PCI $CONFIG_PCI

    For 2.5, the entire config-system must go, as it is way to limited for the
    current kernels.

    Arjan van de Ven

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