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SubjectRe: Help in DSM design
>>>>> "SCT" == Stephen C Tweedie <> writes:

SCT> That turns out not to be the case. It was exactly this granularity
SCT> problem which killed the only machine I'm aware of which did DSM in
SCT> hardware (the Kendall Square boxes --- and how many people here have
SCT> heard of that one? :)

I finally threw all of mine out, although I did keep a few processor boards
and had them mounted in nice wall displays. ^_^ The core KSR idea
(managing DSM by extending the methods used to manage L1 and L2 processor
cache) was technically very interesting but ultimately doomed by many
factors, many unrelated to technical issues. Who knows what would have
happened to them if their processors hadn't been dog slow, their hardware
hadn't been so fragile and their accounting processes hadn't spooked all of
the shareholders.

Sun eventually bought the underlying patent. I wonder if they've done
anything useful with it.

- J<

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