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SubjectRe: [patch] updates for the pipe code
Manfred Spraul writes:
> Manfred Spraul wrote:
> >
> > without any locking. This is not SMP safe, but you wrote that it also
> > happens on UP.
> >
> I think I spotted the bug:
> fifo_open() doesn't initialize PIPE_WAITING_{READERS,WRITERS}.
> > if PIPE_WAITING_WRITERS gets stuck at one, then pipe_read(,32k) will not
> > return until 32k bytes are written.
> >
> could you initialize PIPE_WAITING_{READERS,WRITERS} to 1 and boot that
> kernel?
> AFAIKS, the kernel should boot, and if your shell scripts lock up, then
> we are on the right track.

Erm, it looks like there's a fix in 2.3.50-pre2 already. Do you still
want me to try the above, or are you fairly sure you know what the
problem is?



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