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SubjectRe: Linux 64 bit - Trillium
> > don't forget the IBM S/390 mainframe port, which was merged into
> > 2.2.1. (don't know word size)

[S/390 is 32 bit in most respects]

> Now what I see is missing would be:
> - Whatever processor VAX:en use

VAX: There are folks working on this. VAX is very CISC but of course the
gnu compilers at least used to work very well on it.

> - 88k

Zab was at least jokingly looking at the DG machines

> - AS/400 (something akin to the S/390 port; a virtual machine
> is needed because of the lack of memory protection in
> hardware)

The AS/400 is more like a toaster than a computer. They take an interesting
approach of implementing a protected machine via software 'trust'. The
compiler generates apps that are written in an interpreted layer and have
been validated to some extent. The code is then executed JIT style with
trust checks in the code. The real hardware is much akin to an MMUless 386.

You'd almost want to bootstrap the system with a JVM on the hardware and
use the gcc compile into java byte code target to build your system.


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