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SubjectRe: Linux 64 bit - Trillium
On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 01:46:09PM +0100, David Weinehall wrote:
> Now what I see is missing would be:
> - Whatever processor VAX:en use

that's the VAX cpu :-)

> - 88k

i need to get some hardware... more to the point, i need to finish the
parisc port first :-)

> - Crays (the non-vector models; I suspect that Linux doesn't
> would be very suitable on a vector-machine. But I could
> be wrong)

i heard they don't have an MMU. ucLinux on a Cray, baby! I've heard
people talking about merging ucLinux into 2.5, but they're crazy people.

> - AS/400 (something akin to the S/390 port; a virtual machine
> is needed because of the lack of memory protection in
> hardware)
> Have I missed something out?!

AT&T's Hobbit processor. Matsushita's MN10300. Fujitsu FR30. Sun MAJC.
Notional Semidestructors 32016. Jeff Dike's usermode port. Linux/L4.
mkLinux. There are some m68k machines which aren't included yet like
sun3, next and apollo DN. pc532 (see The i860 and i960.
Transputers. Sun's 386-based workstations. Sequent SMP machines.
Pyramid. IBM Romp. Sony NEWS.

you missed a few :-)

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