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    SubjectRe: APIC error interrupr on CPU
    Hi all,

    I've received a few replies regarding my APIC errors (thanks!!).
    Basically everyone has said that these are "non-lethal" and usually caused
    by overclocking or by motherboards that aren't designed for the CPU speed
    that is running. Of course this is possible but in my case I am not
    overclocking and (according to the marketing) my MB is designed for my CPUs
    (PIII 600s).
    I suppose I can live with these messages, especially if they do prove to
    be non-lethal, but I would much prefer to "fix" the problem if that is
    possible. One possible solution that was given to me was to increase
    cooling. My CPUs are currently running at around 49 deg C right now. My
    understanding is that this is well within reasonable range. If I cooled
    these more, is it truly likely these errors will decrease?
    Another solution that was presented was adding the boot param,
    "nmi_watchdog=0". Can anyone explain what this is, what it does, and if it
    is a good idea or not?

    Thanks for the continued assistance,


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