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    SubjectRe: [patch] Re: 2.3.49 - rrunner does not build too...
    On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, Jeff Garzik wrote:

    > Sergey Kubushin wrote:
    > > Does anybody care to fix sdla drivers? As I understand it was an imperative
    > > to remove two members from wandrivers structs... We did spare 6 bytes per
    > > each sdla card. It's very huge economy. It's even bigger than that, 'coz
    > > wanpipe does not compile any more and we can spare not only that 6 bytes,
    > > but all the memory which wanpipe driver used to occupy :((
    > What is wrong with the sdla drivers? I recently fixed up all but one
    > for softnet, and that last one (sdla_x25 or sdla_ppp I think) should get
    > fixed soon.
    > Also, can you test the WAN drivers? If so, that would be fantastic...

    I'd like I could... Unfortunately enough I did never seen such a card even
    on a picture :(( We're rather big ISP and we do use miscellaneous CISCO
    routers for WANning... It's our servers which run on KSI Linux...

    Sergey Kubushin aka the Tamer < > The impossible we do immediately.
    e-mail: SK320-RIPE < > Miracles require 24-hour notice.

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