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SubjectRe: 2.2.15pre13 bttv: CONFIG_VIDEO_MSP3400 still in the sound section
I was wrong about OSS/Commercial. You can still use it even when you
enable sound support in the kernel, but you have to compile soundcore
as a module AND make sure it's not loaded when you load OSS AND alias
char-major-14 off in conf.modules. It's a pain :-) (Arjan van de Ven) writes:

>Gerd Knorr was wrong. MSP3400 _DOES_ require that you have sound as well.

Have you tried it? It doesn't! Here are my modules in 2.2.14 (after
editing .config and manually adding CONFIG_VIDEO_MSP3400):

Module Size Used by
lockd 32200 1 (autoclean)
sunrpc 54628 1 (autoclean) [lockd]
tuner 2340 1
msp3400 8976 1
bttv 33664 0 (unused)
i2c 3904 3 [tuner msp3400 bttv]
videodev 2720 3 [bttv]

The kernel is compiled without sound support.

Of course you won't get any sound _through_ your sound card without
sound support, but the tv card _does_ work, including msp3400. You can
plug your headphones in or connect it to your stereo if you don't have
any sound card at all.

As Gerd said, msp3400 depends on soundcore _if you enable sound
support in the kernel_. But if you leave it out it does not.

>(For example, in 2.2.13 you could try to have the MSP3400 in the kernel
> and sound as a module, and your kernel wouldn't compile.)

Have you tried to compile the kernel _with no sound support at all_?
Try it, you'll see it works.


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