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SubjectRe: iproute and 2.3 question

> Multipath routing is only useful for failover when a device is down in Linux.

Besides that, it works perfectly when you need to split load on servers
talking to enough large number of clients. Any http server is good example.

> For load balancing you can use the existing eql, teql and bonding devices,
> which work at a lower layer and avoid these problems.

... and introduces even worse problem of strong tcp reordering.
Actually, experiments show that load balancing works only
in the situations, when congestion window is bounded by 3 packets.
If it is not made artificially, it occurs automatically on each
connection after some amount of excessive retransmissions.
Total single TCP connection throughput is never better in this case.
Actually, it hints to the thought that "true load blalancing"
has to involve tracking connections and avoiding reordering TCP packets.


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