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    SubjectRe: HIGH MEMORY access
    In article <>,
    Lyle Coder <> wrote:
    >Hello All,
    >I have a question. The BIOS engineers said that the MPS tables will be in
    >the highest region of the available RAM... greater than 1 GB if so much
    >memory is available.
    >Further more, the MPS tables will be in a region reported "unusable" by E820
    >(Thats mentioned in the E820 spec).

    Unusable, not ACPI nvs or reclaim?

    Hmm. Mapping it into memory the easy way won't work very well,
    then, because that will make mem_map[] a fairly huge creature indeed
    (I've got some bioses around that glues an unusable segment right up
    at the 4gb boundary; I'd hate to eat 64mb for pagetables on a 32mb
    machine about as much as I'd hate having to poke around inside all
    the rom segments to see if they're special rom or plain ordinary
    rom so I could decide whether to map them into memory or not.)

    david parsons \bi/ ouch.

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