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SubjectRe: Is ReiserFS really a journaling file system, or is it really
Chris Mason <> writes:
> >
> I think I see what you mean...perhaps we could do this by updating the
> stat data to reflect which blocks have actually been written. If we read
> a file that is incomplete, we have a choice of truncating off the bad
> data, or simply refusing to service any operations for that file. Or did
> you intend something else (my idea wouldn't be zero cost).

I guess he wants a truncation to zero bytes if the file was writen to,
but not closed yet when it crashed. For some apps like an ftp server
that makes sense, but I wouldn't want it on a general file system
(because I value my logfiles)

It also solves the problem of you seeing old data in a block after
a crash (this can happen with both reiserfs and ext2), so it may be
good for the paranoid.

Apparently AIX used to do or still does this for these security reasons.


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