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SubjectRe: Avoiding OOM on overcommit...?
"A month of sundays ago Marco Colombo wrote:"
> On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
> > Overcommitment is fine. If you don't want it, reserve your own backing
> > swap space for your stack. That's all. Then you can't be murdered by
> > the kernel because the kernel will always be able to page you out.
> The problem does not occur when the kernel is trying to page *you* out.
> It occurs when the kernel is tring to page *another process* out.

The kernel can't get swap to put that other process in? Then kill that
process. It's not our processes problem. We started up with reserved
backing space in swap for our stack. It's the other processes lookout
if it didn't do the same. Presumably it didn't do it exactly because it
wanted to indicate taht it is a non-vital process that the kernel can
choose to murder if it needs the resource that it posseses (swap
occupation) for more important citizens. But we're OK. We can always
be paged out without affecting anyone elses resource availability. We
have reserved swap just for that.


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