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SubjectRe: Location of shmfs; devfs automagics
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> "H. Peter Anvin" wrote:
> > The second is that devfs seems to think it is above the normal way of
> > doing things (unlike ALL OTHER filesystems, including procfs and
> > shmfs) and not only will mount itself on /dev automatically, but will
> > do so *by default*. This is incredibly antisocial behaviour, and has
> > no justification.
> Agreed. This is why I don't build devfs when I build the MandrakeSoft
> "hackkernel" package, containing the latest 2.3.x kernel and all its
> features.
Perhaps devfs should mount as "/devfs", and then the user can replace
the /dev folder with a symlink to devfs _after_ he has installed devfsd.

I guess the current configuration will be a major problem for upgrades.


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