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SubjectRe: Keyboard rate question..
On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Harald Koenig wrote:

>> On systems where one keyboard is shared between two or more
>> computers, when you switch the mechanical switch from one machine
>> to the next, the keyboard repeat rate gets reset to slowness.
>> I'd like the keyboard to maintain my repeat rate across this if
>> possible. I'd like it to be seamless - so no user needs to do
>> anything. Thus I figured the best way would be to have the
>> keyboard handler detect the keyboard disappearing and reappearing
>> and reprogram the repeat rate. Another option would be to
>> reprogram the repeat rate upon VC switch.
>> Any other ideas? Sample code? I'd really appreciate it,
>> thanks..
>fix the hardware switch so that it doesn't switch off power supply
>for the keyboard even only for a short time:
>directly connect ground from one/more PC inlets to keyboard outlet
>and connect one/more power supply pins from PC keyboard inlet
>with a diode or each inlet to avoid short-circuits between
>power supply lines of different PCs.

Hmm.. That is an interesting solution. I can't try it right
now, so I still need a software solution at least temporarily,
but that could likely be a more permanent and useful solution.


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I've overclocked my keyboard interface. It's quite messy dipping my
hands into the mineral oil, but *MAN* is my keyboard ever fast now!
- Anonymous Coward

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