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    Subjectre: endless overcommit memory thread
    > What about malicious users, viruses etc... I don't think that it's right
    > to have a badly designed program bring down the entire system.

    the answer to badly designed programs is to kick badly designed
    programmers in the rear :) no seriously, the answer to that question is to
    educate programmers to the right way to code, and then badly designed
    programs will be a thing of the past. its just too bad that some people
    who shouldnt have access to computers do... thats when we start getting
    idiots diong idiot things (ie: malicious users).
    as far as viruses my knowledge (and please, correct if wrong)
    there hasn't been _one_ virus that a UNIX-based (or Linux-based) system
    has ben suceptable to. And no, DOS viruses attacking Linux on umsdos
    partitions doesn't count, as those stupid things were written for stupid
    dos instead of linux...however the possibility is nonetheless there for a
    virus, but since most (and i use the term lightly now that idiot script
    kiddie wannabe k-rad l33t etc. losers now run linux/unix boxes cause its
    the cool thing to do) sysadmins have a grip on things, they can detect
    that sort of shit before it hits the fan.

    Kelsey Hudson
    Associate Software Engineer
    Compendium Technologies, Inc (619) 725-0771
    -Kicking the computer solves all the problems. Just try it!

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