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SubjectRe: Fake SCSI devices
> Is it possible to use a standard SCSI host adapter to fake other SCSI
> devices on the same bus (for example, an additional hard disk with a
> SCSI ID different from that of the host adapter)?
You are thinking of connecting two scsi host adapters with a scsi cable?
With the other adapter in the same machine (emulation) or in
another machine (for communication)?

That is indeed possible. The adapter need to support "target mode".
Not all
adapters do that. And they need to have different scsi ID's, so one
move away from the default id of 7.

If the answer is yes,
> can I use the current "generic" user-space SCSI interface for that?
Don't know.

> (This sounds crazy, I know, but I think I'd have an interesting
> application for this stuff...)
Please tell!

Note that someone already did a "IP over scsi" where they could send
from a host adapter in one machine to a host adapter in another.
The speed was lousy last time I heard of it - nowhere near the max
of scsi. Search the mailing list archives for more information.

Machines connected in this fashion may also share scsi devices. The
cases are trivial, you must take grat care with anything writeable.

Helge Hafting

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