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SubjectRe: [patch] 2.3.99-pre3-3: dev_alloc_name
Date (Urban Widmark) writes:
> On 22 Mar 2000, Nick Holloway wrote:
> [mumbled about changing 27 source files in drivers/net]
> (But I don't understand your number of 27 that needs fixing, so maybe I'm
> way off here ... :)

Tim Waugh said that changing "name" in "struct net_device" from "char*"
to "char[]" would mean changing a large number of net drivers, as they
currently assign directly to dev->name.

I looked into drivers/net to see how big this problem was. A quick grep
for "dev->name *=" revealed the following files:

3c503 3c505 3c515 3c523 ac3200 depca dgrs e2100 eexpress es3210 eth16i
ewrk3 hp-plus hp lance lne390 ne ne2 ne3210 net_init ppp_generic rcpci45
smc-mca smc-ultra smc-ultra32 wavelan wd

This is where my figure of 27 comes from.

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