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SubjectRe: new IRQ scalability changes in 2.3.48

> > and you're now done. Tadaa! You have a pre-emptive UP kernel. Add a few
> > months of debugging (because something _will_ crop up, or my name isn't
> > Billy-Bob).
> >
> > Linus,
> >
> > I think this is a great idea, as it will catch all sorts of
> > places where we've been slopping about SMP races, by exposing them in
> > the UP kernel. However, is now (just before 2.4) the best time to be
> > doing this? I fear that there may be plenty of places hiding in the
> > kernel where we aren't adequately proteccting shared data structures.
> As those bugs are simply bugs that didn't show up because the driver
> hadn't been run on SMP just yet, they should be fixed.
> By the end of the 2.4 lifetime, many more people will be running SMP
> hardware than now.
> How about making "preemptive kernel" a "default-on" option on 2.4pre
> and a "default-off" option on the real 2.4 kernel?

Did anyone write patch to allow this? I do not see it. So there's
actually nothing you can turn to default-on just now.
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