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SubjectRe: Loading Linux from Linux - opinions
Keith Owens wrote:
> See

Welcome to the club ;-)

I really like your idea of sorting out copy conflicts before switching
off paging. What I don't understand is why you made a file-based
interface to the kernel. (LOBOS does the same thing, but there I can
understand why - Ron is basically trying to avoid initrd.)

I think it's much better to leave all this to user space. You gain a
lot of flexibility this way, e.g. bootimg supports four different
file formats, while your approach can probably handle only zImage and
bzImage; I can easily map additional data areas (e.g. the kmsg buffer)
just by changing user space, while you'll have to dig in the kernel,

Well, I see on your to do list that you seem to intend to move in the
same direction ;-)

Also, I haven't looked in detail at what you're doing in 16 bit mode,
but it seems cleaner to me not to ever leave 32 bit mode. All setup.S
can do in 16 bit mode is to mess things up, e.g. by trying to call the

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH /

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