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    SubjectRe: kiobugs in 2.3.48

    On Thu, 2 Mar 2000 11:53:19 +0530 (IST), V Ganesh <>

    > we do
    > map = follow_page(ptr);
    > to convert the userspace vaddr to a struct page *. right ?


    > where is it converted to a kernel virtual address ?

    There is a one-to-one equivalence between kernel addresses and struct
    page *s.

    > then we do
    > map = get_page_map(map, ptr);
    > and now we pass this to get_page_map() which promptly returns 0,

    Yikes. Yes, somebody snuck a completely bogus patch into 2.3.48. The
    _only_ reason vaddr should be used in get_page_map() is to act as an
    argument to ZERO_PAGE() for architectures in which the zero page is

    This bug is not present in the patch I sent out last week. I'll submit
    the fixes to Linus shortly.


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