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    Subject[PATCH] MAINTAINERS (was) Linux 2.2.15pre12, where does one get pre-releases?
    On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > Alan or anyone,
    > > Where does one download the 2.2.x pre-releases from? I could not find
    > > them on at or at a number
    > > of mirrors.
    > /pub/linux/kernel/alan/2.2.15pre


    One place I looked was in the MAINTAINERS file. I think the kernel itself
    is worth an entry or two in there. I probably have your email a bit
    wrong, since it seems like you use a number of different ones in there.
    This seems like the right place to look, and it might help (bozos like me)
    in future.

    Dave Forrest
    (804)296-7283h 924-3954w
    --- linux-2.2.14-dist/MAINTAINERS Tue Jan 4 13:12:10 2000
    +++ linux-2.2.14/MAINTAINERS Wed Mar 1 23:01:22 2000
    @@ -463,6 +463,13 @@
    S: Maintained

    +KERNEL (2.2.XX TREE)
    +P: Alan Cox
    +S: Maintained
    P: H. Peter Anvin
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