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    SubjectRe: patch: reiserfs for 2.3.49

    > * Locking
    > This has already been mentioned. 'Nuff said.
    > * Fault handling
    > The filesystem must respond cleanly to *all* out-of-memory failures
    > and media EIO errors. The response to ENOMEM may be to spin
    > waiting for memory, and EIO may take the filesystem offline, but in
    > either case when control returns to user space the filesystem must
    > be in a known state in which all resources used by that syscall are
    > released and the filesystem can be unmounted.

    From my games with ext2-over-nbd, I know ext2 fails this test. Make
    filesystem bigger than partition and watch the hell.

    > * fsck.
    > This is something Ted has been very good about: there is a
    > comprehensive regression suite in e2fsprogs to test not only
    > recovery from normal situations on the disk, but also to recover
    > from all manner of corruptions which cannot occur in the normal
    > running of the filesystem but which happen when memory goes bad,
    > media fails, the user runs fsck on a mounted partition and then ^Cs
    > it, or whatever. There should be no combination of on-disk
    > conditions which should allow fsck to crash, even though some forms
    > of corruption won't let you recover much of any value!

    And notice that this is work that never ends... I found new and
    wonderfull way to provoke bug in ext2fsck pretty recently (it's fixed

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