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SubjectRe: 2.3.51 tulip broken

> For those not interested what superficially appears to be a kernel power
> grab, there are issue underlying all of what appears to be a personal
> conflict.
> 1) Should the kernel source code interfaces, for well-understood
> interfaces, be stable? (We are solidly committed not having a binary
> interface, so bringing that up is a red herring.)
> 2a) Given that development kernels are frequently unstable in some
> unexpected way, is is reasonable force testing of driver changes
> combined with unknown other changes?

I think so. Anyways, it worked with usb, and it seems to be the only
way to stay in sync with kernel development.

> 2b) Given that the kernel continues to exponentially increasing in size,
> should all development go through the latest development kernel?

Is that really a problem? (My kernel _still_ compiles in 10
minutes. Granted, it used to compile in ten minutes on p/233, now it
is ten minutes on celeron/300 :-)))
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