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SubjectRe: [linux-fbdev] fbdev 2.4.0 cleanups
: > IIRC, colour depth requires a restart of the server and all applications.
: >
: : Yes, X can't change color depth without restarting.
: But `some app' may be something that does support color depth changing (e.g.
: plain fbset).

There are some other servers that _could_ easily support runtime
color depth changing - like Microwindows. What's missing is that
there's no signal to tell an opened process that the fb parms have changed.
(When VT switches occur, you get a signal, it seems that when framebuffer
parms change, you might want a signal) This functionality could be
added to fbset.

Also, on the single-open subject, it is still very desirable to have multiple
procs on multiple consoles open /dev/fb0 simultaneously. If a server
uses hardware extensions, then it could use O_EXCL to keep others
out. Otherwise, graphics programs that just read (or write without using
registers) could be run on more than one VC simultaneously. If even
this is undesired, then change the permissions on the file system. Tasks
with setuserid root have to be coded with some assumptions.



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