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SubjectRe: Overcommitable memory??
Jesse Pollard writes:
> On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, Linda Walsh wrote:
>> Matija Nalis wrote:

>>> Say you have 800MB virtual RAM, and you simulation currently uses 500MB.
>>> And now, it tries to fork(2). Do you allow it, or does fork fail with
>>> -ENOMEM ?

>> Had exactly this problem in SoftWindows on IRIX. [...] Solution
>> was to convert to using 'sproc', where amount of process sharing
>> can be user defined -- something like a heavy-weight thread. [...]

> Does that include sharing the stack space? Doing so would seem to
> allow for corrupting the parent process stack.

IIRC the usual practice on IRIX is that the child gets a copy of the
parent's stack. The sproc call on IRIX can be compared to clone on
Linux. If you don't mind using linux-specific code, you can use a
clone call with CLONE_VM set. This works provided the child doesn't
attempt to return from the function that called clone.

Olaf Weber

Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins,
for they are quick to anger and have no need for subtlety.

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