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SubjectRe: Overcomittable memory
	From: James Sutherland <>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 18:46:05 +0000

>Unless of course you are actually interested in tracking down and maybe
>even fixing whatever memory leak may be causing the problem. In that
>case, no joke, you really do want that problem to show itself reliably.

It isn't a problem that CAN show reliably, if it is OOM related.
(Arguably, it isn't even a problem.) Your code is using memory in a
particular way; if there isn't any memory, it fails.
Causing this particular (valid, AFAICS) use of memory to be a problem
in itself would prevent the symptom above showing - but do you really
want or need that?

If the OOM condition is due to a memory leak, then memory overcommit
hides the leak and thus makes it more difficult to fix.

If the OOM condition is due to the fact that you've underestimated your
system's vm needs, memory overcommit makes it more difficult to judge
what the correct amount of vm in your system should be to ensure stability.


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