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SubjectRe: Avoiding OOM on overcommit...?
On 18 Mar 2000, Mirian Crzig Lennox wrote:

Overcommitting memory is the moral equivalent of writing bad checks and
praying there will be money to cover them before they are cashed. It's
completely irresponsible-- and when it fails, it really bites down hard.

bzzzttt... bad analogy. :)

overcommit is more like writing out many cheques where you know from
experience that typically only a small percentage are ever cashed.

would you keep $1,000,000 of cash in reserve when you know that most
likely you could cover your debts with only $100?

Paul Jakma
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Life is a concentration camp. You're stuck here and there's no way
out and you can only rage impotently against your persecutors.
-- Woody Allen

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