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SubjectRe: [linux-fbdev] fbdev 2.4.0 cleanups
Sven LUTHER writes:
> whats the problem with me wanting to know what resolution my xserver is
> currently running at ?

As far as the applications are concerned, xdpyinfo is more what you want.
However, this will give you the virtual resolution, not the physical res.

> i just do a fbset -i on it, and then i can for example set the console fbdev
> mode to exatcly the same to avoid slow switching between the console and X.

Linux actually switches quickly - it's your monitor that can't. You don't even
have to have the same colour depth - all you really need to ensure is that the
refresh rates for X and console are closely matched, and the monitor will not
detect any difference during the switch.

(Disclaimer: on some really really cheapo video hardware, you may get a
glitch, but I think that would be unlikely to be picked up with todays
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