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    SubjectRe: Some questions about linux kernel.
    On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Mitchell Blank Jr wrote:

    > > > People have actually tried this and my patch seems to
    > > > catch the hog just fine :)
    > >
    > > Any sufficiently well-coded bomb is indistinguishable from an innocent
    > > unattended package :-)
    > Which is why the solution is two-part:
    > * An OOM killer good enough to handle the "some process went insane"
    > case. From all accounts, Rik's patch does this well.
    > * Comprehensive per-uid resource accounting (the beancounting work)
    > to guard against malicious users. This would be great for 2.5
    > (but, of course, that was said about 2.3 as well..) A full
    > implementation would also fix DoSes against users using kernel
    > memory (network buffers, page table mappings) which is a lot
    > nastier than simple VM exhaustion.

    Yes, this would be nice... ISTR someone said they were working on
    something similar??


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