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SubjectRe: Some questions about linux kernel.
On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> I'd think there are only two ways you can accidently OOM a box - a
> single process goes nutz or something like a fork bomb. I'd think the
> simplest solution is to look for the process using the most memory or
> the user with the most processes+memory (some weird weight factor here)
> and blow it away. If this means jonhnie looses their shell, their emacs
> and whatever else because someone fork bombed a box then too bad.

On all "workstation" boxes the largest process is most likely X server.
On all workstations, used by graphics artists two largest processes are
always X server and graphics editor. Since killing X server means that all
its clients will lose their display and will be killed in random state
(very likely without having reasonable means to preserve the data in
them), this kind of policy will make absolutely no sense.

> If this means apache gets blown away because a CGI went insane then too
> bad.

Killing Oracle, or any other server that depends on some process being
alive and keeping a valuable, complex, hard to recover data on disk and
in memory, is in some cases not any better than just blowing up the box.


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