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    SubjectRe: [patch] preemptive kernel, preemptive-2.3.52-A7
    From: "Ingo Molnar" <>
    > movl blah, %eax
    > decl %eax
    > movl %eax, blah
    > although this does not happen on x86 currently, it could theoretically.

    I've seen such code from egcs-1.1.2, IIRC in do_softirq().

    What about adding atomic_xy_local() to the normal kernel?
    * raise_softirq() contains a local_irq_save(), we could remove that.
    * i386 only: do_nmi() could use atomic_inc_local() for the nmi_counter.

    Ingo, it seems you overlooked the global variable nmi_counter in
    arch/i386/kernel/io_apic.c when you added the variable to irq_stat.
    Could you remove it?


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