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SubjectRe: Linux Jobs: Update
Also sprach Khimenko Victor:
} In <> Bill Wendling ( wrote:
} Argh. What's the screams all over the place ? You CAN NOT boot Linux without
} command line option. I repeat. You CAN NOT boot Linux without using command
} line option. Never was, never will. You MUST specify at least one option:
} root=blah-blah-blah ... This option is not specifyed as append=... in LiLo
} but, for example, in loadlin you must specify it explicitly. And compiled
} defaults (where you need to RECOMPILE kernel just to reflect changes in
} jumper settings) are kludges. Thus they were removed (not all I afraid).
Why are they removed? Why aren't both acceptible with lilo command line
options specified used as overrides to the compiled in defaults?

|| Bill Wendling

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