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    SubjectRe: (reiserfs) Re: patch: reiserfs for 2.3.49
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > The code duplication in fs/reiserfs/ is a bug. But does this bug harm anything
    > > but maybe somewhat performance? If it does not harm, there is no reason for
    > It does because if it goes in then nobody will get around to cleaning it up
    > promptly.

    I have assigned Alexei Adamovich to work full-time on the task until you and
    Alexander Viro say that it is done right. It will get cleaned up; Alexei is a
    good programmer. Some changes have already been made and we are testing them.

    > > reiserfs not to make in pre-2.4 kernels, because those bugs can be fixed. The
    > > win is at least an as EXPERIMENTAL marked journaling filesystem, and people who
    > Stop a moment
    > IF reiserfs is marked as experimental then people shouldnt be using it for
    > a production system - yes

    If reiserfs is marked as experimental and in, then making it non-experimental
    and in, a few weeks from now, is quite likely to happen. Real users always find
    things that testers don't, but they won't find such a lot when it is a port from
    2.2 of code that has been in widespread production use for some time now.

    Do you want to leave lack of a journaling file system as a bullet point favoring

    You can get ReiserFS at, and customizations and
    industrial grade support at

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