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SubjectRe: egcs snapshots hate 2.2.15pre
"Khimenko Victor" <> said:
> Horst von Brand ( wrote:
> > Trying to compile linux 2.2.15pre14 on SPARC and i686 with egcs-20000306, I
> > get failures due to use of '#' in front of non-macro-arguments. Note that
> > the explicitly says the current form is only for compatibility with
> > Sun's assemblers, the correct version is the one I give in the patch below.
> > This is essentially what 2.3.51 defines in include/linux/init.h, BTW.

> You are NOT supposed to build 2.2 with never versions of egcs then 1.1.2.
> Just like youare NOT supposed to build 2.0 with anything never then gcc
> 2.7.2 Why ? Ok. Linux kernel stress gcc VERY much so it's not uncommon to
> have breakage with new versions of gcc. So basically THE WHOLE stable
> series should be compiled with latest compiler available when stable
> series started (2.4 should be compiled with gcc 2.96 but NOT gcc 3.0 :-)

Yes, I know all that, is has been explained to me a few times already,
f.ex. when I was asking for fixing asm()s during 2.1 (it was repeated to me
over and over that the kernel should never be compiled with anything but
gcc- then), so you can compile 2.2.x with egcs today in the first
place. The only way of going forward is stepping outside the trodden path.
I am not talking here of a critical server, it is machines that are subject
to much other abuse as testbeds. I'm not suicidal yet ;-)

In this particular case, what is being done is wrong (even if it works), so
IMHO it should be fixed. I.e., using a nonstandard compiler flushed out a bug.
Horst von Brand
Casilla 9G, Viña del Mar, Chile +56 32 672616

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