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SubjectRE: OHCI USB problems?
On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Dunlap, Randy wrote:
> Does this differ from previous kernel versions?
> There haven't been many (any ?) changes to the OCHI
> driver lately.

I don't know which OHCI controller iMac is using but the "ohci-hcd" driver
has never worked (AFAIK) with NEC OHCI controllers. This is the chip
which is used on many (or all) Toshiba satellite series laptops. OTOH
Greg's and Inaky's ohci drivers worked with this controller so after
2.3.33 I haven't been able to use USB.

I've been meaning to dive into the the differences between these two
drivers and see where the problem is but haven't had the time yet. :(


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