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Subject2.3.51 kb/mouse cardbus
I tried a few things in pc_keyb.c
I was right atleast with the IRQ thing, the interrupt doesn't get sent. I
found one line in pc_keyb that when commented out allowed my keyboard to
stay working (but the mouse doesn't work).

aux_write_ack(AUX_ENABLE_DEV); /* Enable aux device */

When this is commented out, I assume the mouse doesn't send anything (and
doesn't lock up)

kbd_write_cmd(AUX_INTS_ON); /* Enable controller ints */

This being disabled didn't change a thing.

Is there a way I can tell linux that ide1 is not present and not to probe
for it? I tried 'ide1=noprobe' but didn't do any good.

I have a feeling that some how, yenta being compiled in and the cdrom
installed is causing something to step on something else.

Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals

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