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SubjectRe: 2.3.51: ip_finish_output: bad owned skb = c3737480
On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 12:16:42PM -0500, Adam wrote:

> > I believe it's netfilter that's doing this. It's been noisier
> > than a marble in a Prince Albert can since about 2.3.47 or so. Anyone
> > know WHY it suddenly got so noisy even with debugging disabled?

> I just re-checked source code in 2.3.51 and AFAICT it is not possible
> to have any of those messages generated with debugging disabled
> as whole debugging stuff is "#ifdef CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG".

> Are you sure you *disabled* it? The most sure way to do it it is
> (form linux dir)

I experienced that problem on an earlier version (2.3.48 or 2.3.49)
and have not gone back and rechecked it.

> cp .config ..
> make distclean
> cp ../.config .
> make oldconfig
> make dep
> make bzImage
> make modules

Made everything from scratch. Even re-unpacked the sources. But
it was not the latest version, so that may have been the problem then.

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