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SubjectRe: Linux-2.3.51, and the pre-2.4 series..
In <> Alan Cox ( wrote:
>> did you enable devfs and forget to edit /etc/inittab to use 'vc/n' instead
>> of 'ttyn' ?

> If that is the case then devfs needs some tweaking

Sorry, Alan. It WAS there. And was removed by LINUS's request. So...

> -----
> Linux Filesystem Heirarchy Standard

> 6.1.2

> All devices and special files in /dev should adhere to the Linux Allocated
> Devices document, which is available with the Linux kernel source. It is
> maintained by H. Peter Anvin.

> ------

> Virtual terminals are specifically listed as

> 4 char TTY devices
> 0 = /dev/tty0 Current virtual console

> 1 = /dev/tty1 First virtual console

> Thus using any other name places devfs out of the standard. Is there a
> reason for devfs not providing /dev/tty{n} (nothing stops it providing
> /dev/vc/n as well)

Yes. The whole idea behind recent removal of compatibility entries out of
devfs is to clean up this horrible mess in /dev . It was Linus's idea and
I like it :-) So probably better way is to change "Linux Allocated Devices"
document to reflect devfs changes (AFAIK HPA promised to do this in the future

P.S. Of course you can return old /dev/tty0 ... /dev/tty64 with devfsd if you

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