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SubjectRe: Linux-2.3.51, and the pre-2.4 series..
Alan Cox wrote: 

> > did you enable devfs and forget to edit /etc/inittab to use 'vc/n' instead
> > of 'ttyn' ?
> If that is the case then devfs needs some tweaking
> [cut standard]
> Thus using any other name places devfs out of the standard. Is there a
> reason for devfs not providing /dev/tty{n} (nothing stops it providing
> /dev/vc/n as well)

Devfsd will create /dev/tty{n} as symlinks to /dev/vc/{n}, som if you look
at devfsd as an integral part of the devfs system, the system is actually
providing both.

With some good will from HPA and Linus, the standard could be changed as
well, but as long as there is devfsd, the standard can probably stand as
it is.

Never has my /dev been so uncluttered... :)

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